At cumulolimbo studio we do architecture, interior design and personalised design, research and material experiments with spaces or artefacts from the human scale, recycling and citizen synergy. We design and build domestic and urban spaces that bring happiness and play with emotions and senses. Exteriors, interiors, small objects, scenographies, installations, relationship systems, urban projects and any other experiment that allows us to embrace the world from as many sides as possible.


“Tiny particles of water that float suspended in the atmosphere

and when joined together form a massive, vaporous body of droplets known as clouds”.

cumuloLimbo studio is a variable, distributed and collaborative work structure with diverse agents, which allows us to create relationships and projects with people, institutions and companies all over the world.Currently, four women make up the Architecture team, we work in network and hand in hand with craftsmen, artists, curators, quantity surveyors, etc.
If you want to collaborate with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch!



cumulolimbo studio is one of the creators of Espacio Ucrania, a creative co-working space located in the city center of Madrid.