At cumulolimbo studio we do architecture, interior design and personalised design, research and material experiments with spaces or artefacts from the human scale, recycling and citizen synergy. We design and build domestic and urban spaces that bring happiness and play with emotions and senses. Exteriors, interiors, small objects, scenographies, installations, relationship systems, urban projects and any other experiment that allows us to embrace the world from as many sides as possible.



“Tiny particles of water that float suspended in the atmosphere

and, when they coalesce from a massive vaporous body of droplets known as clouds”

In cumulolimbo studio we do architecture, interiors and design that brings happiness and enhances emotions. We also investigate and experiment with materials, spaces or artifacts from a human scale, recycling, eco-efficiency and citizen synergy. We design and build furniture, scenographies, installations, dynamics, urban projects, and all that might allows us to embrace the world from several points of view.

Like the structure of a cloud, our team works un a network, in a variable, distributed way, and in collaboration with diverse agents. As small “water particles”, we are united when we form a whole, being able to create relationships and projects with people, institutions, and companies arouns the word. Currently, four women make up Architecture team, we work hand in hand with craftsmen, artists, curators, quantity surveyors, etc.

If you want to collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us!



Natalia Matesanz Ventura

Madrid 1984. Architect by the University of Alcalá de Henares (ETSAG UAH). Postgraduate at the ETSAM UPM where she completed the Master of Advanced Architectural Projects with a scholarship in 2013. She has collaborated in different architecture offices such as Eli (Oficina de Arquitectura), Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos, EAS Estudio Alvarez-Sala, Carlos Arroyo Architects, Jaramillo & Kreisler, Bau Obras and Ángel Verdasco Arquitectos. Between 2010 and 2014 she collaborated with Spanish collectives such as Basurama, Pez Estudio, Zuloark and Paisaje Transversal on participatory urban projects. She is co-founder of the urban project Campo de Cebada (2010) and the co-working Espacio Ucrania (2013). She has taught Architectural Projects at national and international universities such as the University of California Berkeley and New York University (NYU), and at ETSAM, ETSAG, IE Segovia. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis without leaving aside her professional practice cumuloLimbo studio, collaborating regularly with other professionals and offices.

Ana Arbona Bolufer

Alicante 1992. Architect by the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Alicante (EPSUA) since 2019. Master with proposal for registration. She is interested in research, design and social impact of spaces, with an artistic perspective. She also develops her facet as an illustrator and artist in different projects parallel to Cumulolimbo.

Laura de Torres Millán

Madrid 1994. Architect by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM) since 2019. She is intrigued by how architecture is a tool for development as well as design. She is currently completing her education in the field of sociology and architecture with a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics.

Paula Lozano Romero

Madrid 1999. Architect student of final year at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM). Sees architecture and urban planning as a transformative means to help people and solve social problems. Interested in both small-scale and large-scale spaces from a forward-looking perspective.


External collaborators:

Jorge López

Noah Allison

Stephen Foley

Marina Ortega

Katia Vázquez


Previously in the team:

Clara Guixeras

Irene Landa

Paula Cesteros


Entities & Companies:

NYU University of New York

University of California Berkeley

ETSAM Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Matadero Madrid Centro de Creación Contemporánea

Fundación Arquia

Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando

INJUVE Instituto de la Juventud

ITD Instituto Tecnológico para el Desarrollo Humano de la UPM

IMNA Instituto Mutante Narrativas Ambientales


cumulolimbo studio is one of the creative agents of Espacio Ucrania. A workspace located in the centre of Madrid that brings together professionals interested in sharing experiences and associating professionally.

Espacio Ucrania was born in 2013 when a group of freelancers decided to create the perfect workspace, with studios and spaces for all kinds of events. In this workspace of almost 400 m² in Martín de los Heros street, live together architects, journalists, designers, marketing experts and startups, sociologists, interior designers or photographers with several years of experience in our trades. We also rent our spaces. If you connect with Espacio Ucrania, if you connect with what we do, we’ll talk. OK?