At cumulolimbo studio we accompany you throughout the process and at all scales of your project, with the definition and construction of spaces from design and technique.

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 architectural design

We design your home or commercial space. We will accompany you through all the phases of the project and at different scales, taking care of every detail. Enjoy an adventure with personalised attention and support tailored to your needs.


technical department

From our technical department we offer you support in the issuing of energy efficiency documents, licences, changes of use, technical inspections or expert reports.

work execution

We offer management and monitoring throughout the execution of your home or business premises from demolition to completion. We ensure that the project is carried out as you wish and adapted to your needs.

 furnishing and interior design

We carry out furnishing and interior design projects or home staging, for homes or commercial spaces, according to your budget and preferences. We also offer a personalised furniture design and production service.

art installations

We develop artistic and cultural installations, urban interventions where we can project.

research and teaching

We believe in research and teaching as a tool for growth. We participate in conferences, lectures… of different kinds and we develop study processes in all fields.