We have started a collaboration with IMNA (Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales) in Matadero Madrid! We are happy to be able to participate in a project like this. Thank you very much for believing in us!


Last June I was invited to prepare the workshop Ciudad Laboratorio that the team of Ciudad Contexto was organizing in collaboration with the UPV university of Valencia! It was an incredible experience where we explored new ways of living in collaboration and equity with students from all disciplines. Many thanks for having thought of us to explore the matter of housing equity !!


We are very pleased to have published the catalogue of the #WeirdSpace workshop that we launched in collaboration with InjuveSpain. It was a cycle of workshops that explored the city through the production of dinners in rare spaces in Madrid.


After a lot of work, I have been able to capture part of the research behind Loisaida in an article for the Arquia Foundation’s blog. Thanks to Arquia for giving me the opportunity to investigate more about the Loisaida neighborhood in New York.


After much effort the #UPHouse project becomes known on numerous platforms, including the great magazine MiCasa! Thank you very much for the opportunity!


Divisare has published the #UPHouse project!! We are so grateful for the good reception the project has had among the great architectural platforms.


The #UPHouse Project has been published in Metalocus! Feeling so greatfull with this amazing architectural platform!


So happy to announce that the incredible design journal Arquine has chosen to feature the #UPHouse Project !!


The #UpHouse project has been nominated by ArchDaily platform for the Building of the Year Awards 2020!  So proud of our work 🙂


It is a great honor to announce that the amazing design journal Dwell has featured the #UPProject !!


I did not imagine that I was so excited that our #UpHouse work appeared in the magazine of the College of Architects of Madrid Coam. Historical, eternal, and unique I can say that I have shared publication with the greatest of architecture, which one day they also published in it and this is exciting .. Thanks to the proposal of the management team of the Federico Soriano Magazine, Pedro Urzaiz and Jacobo García-Germánde for persevering in the idea of an open and varied number, which groups diverse and contemporary initiatives of the Architecture of Madrid.


This Wednesday, October 23, 2019, I was invited as a jury to the DS3 (BAS) midreview with the amazing architects and also professors Lina Toro, Elena Perez and Adam Bresnick, to the course of projects that professors Matan Mayer and Sandra Herrera take in the Segovia School of Architecture. As always, I had a great time as a fish in the water and I hope to have helped all the students who showed their projects. See you in the final jury!


I am pleased to announce that, after many months of work, my research project has been awarded the New York Research Grant from the Arquia Foundation and the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts !! The spring semester of 2020 I will be doing field work to outline the project on the community gardens of Loisaida! More news soon!


For those who feel like it … Here inside, among many wonders of other doctors and researchers, my second academic article appears! The article «Stands, domes and casitas. Architects as actuators of the common space in La Plaza Cultural, New York» is published in issue # 18 ARCHITECTURES AL MARGEN of the magazine Progreso, project, architecture #PpA, directed by Amadeo Ramos Carranza.⁠ #orgullito de #friki!

This is the catalog of the ECOVISIONARIOS exhibition, curated by Pedro Gadanho, 
Mariana Pestana and the Matadero Madrid team. Collaborating in the assembly of the 
#ecovisionarios expo has been the most !! Thanks to the great team of @ elii_architecture 
and @mataderomadrid for inviting me to contribute with my grain of sand in the experience of 
assembling the incredible work of @pinaryoldaas !! An adventure of watts, wood and mirrors ... 
in which the body feels the heat in its own skin. Thanks to Elii Arquitectura for inviting me to 
collaborate with such incredible professionals.
The research project of the #institutomutante of environmental narratives and the #jardincyborg of
 @elii_architecture and @mataderomadrid hosted from June to October 2019 the works of resident 
artists and special guest works such as those of Rachel Amstrong whose execution I personally 
supervised. Thanks to @elii_architecture I was able to coordinate the construction of the Trace Hall 
of #RachelAmstrong and Rolph Huges together with @pierangeloscravaglieri and could not be more
 cool. The garden, that "hybrid place and evocative of relationships linked to desire and care" is 
deployed in the ship 16 of Matadero through the pieces of the artists uh513 (@imperdiblewoman 
and Alberto valverde) @otelhan, @we_are_takk, double happiness (@ jo.hwang and @feliz_nerea), 
@ robertina.sebjanic and @fito_conesa and the great team of Rachel Amstrong and Rolf Hughes.

In February 2019, I was invited to give a lecture on my doctoral research within the framework of the Global Urban Humanities group, an interesting inter-initiative of the University of Berkeley, California. Many thanks to Susan Moffat for the invitation and to my fantastic advisor at Berkeley Greg Castillo for his invaluable help during the work.


University of California  Berkeley, Center of Environmental Design

During the fall semester of 2018, I have been working and researching as a visiting scholar at University of California  Berkeley, Center of Environmental Design, at the Architecture Department and happily granted by Polytechnic University of Madrid. The research project #QueerSpatialities in San Francisco has highly progressed thanks to this stay. I have met amazing researchers and professors and conducted essential interviews for the work. We will be featuring more information of the research very soon .. so stay tuned !


Deep Sectional Urbanism: An Alternative Proposal for Pier 70 in San Francisco.

I am so pleased to having contributed this fall semester 2018 to Rene Davids Design Studio at the Center of Environmental Design at University of California Berkeley. Amazing projects and amazing architecture Master students ! Looking forward for more !


El proyecto Afectos y efectos del mayo parisino expuesto en Becoming, el pabellón español de la Bienal de Arquitectura de Venecia. Aquí un enlace a una visión 360 grados del pabellón !


Porfín puede verse publicado el artículo Afecto y disidencia. Re-configuración y alternativas de espacio público en los jardines comunitarios de Loisaida, Nueva York en la fantástica revista académica Constelaciones.


El proyecto The Slum Incubator sobre los jardines comunitarios de Nueva York ha obtenido una MENCIÓN DE HONOR en el concurso ARQUIA INVESTIGACIÓN 2017.


El proyecto Weird Space ha resultado beneficiario de las Ayudas de creación Joven del Ministerio de cultura y Educación. Estamos muy contentas !


Nos vamos a CORK !! Ya está todo listo para el workshop que vamos a coordinar junto a Stephen Folley en la Universidad de Arquitectura de Cork, Irlanda. 


Nuestra propuesta FINALISTA del concurso Arquine Mextropoli 2016 ya está publicada en Arquine Convoca !!


Feliz de poder coordinar el workshop UNDERCOVER  junto a este equipazo y en colaboración con la Univerisdad de Milán en la Bienal de Venecial.


Desde el 22 al 29 de Febrero estaremos mosrando el fantástico trabajo de curso de los alumnxs de la Unidad Soriano, de la Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid en la EXPOSICIÓN Arquitectura Dispuesta en CENTRO CENTRO en Madrid, comisariada por Marta Pelegrín y Fernando Pérez.