Weird Space

urban exploration protocols

WEIRD SPACE consists in creating performative dinners in the city, understanding this social act as a educational method for urban exploration. The projects was granted by the government to develop this proposal and curate three workshops that will take place during October 2018. By a public open call we selected three emergent artists that are going to lead these workshops within our performative-dinning framework in three different “weird” locations of the city.
These diverse proposals are approached from different perspectives: the first workshop was an exercise of memory about lesbian identity during the Civil War, they organised a popular wake and install animitas (roadside shrines) in different historic streets of Madrid. The second workshop was a ritual to send a message to the outer space from the NASA parking lot, analysing the hegemonic scientific discourse and creating an alternative way of communication in accordance to the subjectivity of each participant. And the last workshop made the concept of after-meal (sobremesa in Spanish) independent from the meal, exploring its artificiality within the context of an Airbnb house. In all of them food and the action itself of having a meal intersect with cultural and historical events.







Natalia Matesanz, Ana Olmedo, Elena Águila


research, curatorial, pedagogical