At cumulolimbo studio we do architecture, interior design and personalised design, research and material experiments with spaces or artefacts from the human scale, recycling and citizen synergy. We design and build domestic and urban spaces that bring happiness and play with emotions and senses. Exteriors, interiors, small objects, scenographies, installations, relationship systems, urban projects and any other experiment that allows us to embrace the world from as many sides as possible.

14.02 Displacements: an X’Scape Journal

Displacements: an x’scape journal is an architectural & editorial project born out of the research and teaching led since 2009 from the Landscape LAB at the Master in Advanced Architectural Projects and the Cultural Landscape Research Group at the ETSAM School of Architecture of Madrid. It aims to face in an integrated, transdisciplinary and situated way the two essential aspects of any critical practice: knowledge and action.


Each number will grow from three fundamentals:

  • a material and/or conceptual displacement to a specific situation (a spatio-temporal mesh of bodies, practices and discourses) capable of uprooting our perception of the real.
  • an extended concept of cartography, not as referenced quantification of a cartesian external space but an alive and open-ended tool of approach to the real through embodied practices of positioning, exploring and projecting.
  • a critical practice turned into active tactic of ethical survival.

displacements will organize itself through plans or plateaus, each of one configured by three installments (one per year) capable of connecting and letting its concepts, ideas, and developments flow from one another. If there is a relation between the parts of a tryptich “it cannot be logic or narrative… It must be the embodiment of a common fact” wrote Gilles Deleuze. It is the search for, and the interpretation of, that common fact that triggers the displaced plans proposed.